Additional services
We want your experience to be unique, that is why we offer a great variety of experiences to enjoy Argentina and surroundings from the moment of your arrival.

Tour and Travel

Argentina and its surroundings have wonderful different sceneries such as the pampas plains, the mountains, the aridity of the north, the waterfalls, the snow and the glaciers. In Hoihou we have thought of exclusive itineraries for you to live and enjoy a unique experience.


Enjoy the options that Hoihou has to offer, not only traditional tourism but also the secrets of our beautiful city that only a local expert can help you to discover. Live unforgettable experiences in your stay in Argentina!


We want that from the moment of your arrival you feel careful and accompanied. In Hoihou we provide transfers IN / OUT (airport - your home - airport) in regular or private services. We also offer rental car in order to have more independence and feel as a local.

Travel insurance

The most important thing in Hoihou is to take care of our passengers / guests, so we offer traveler insurance for the time of stay in the country or for the time you require to obtain another type of medical assistance.